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Mission Statement

Bay Point Community All-N-One, Inc is a non-profit that helps people who can’t meet their most basic needs when they need help the most. Through volunteer outreach events and partner services, we can provide food, clothing, and low or no-cost services such as financial education, religious, medical, mental health, and youth counseling. Helping those around us, especially the underserved makes life better for everyone in our community.

What We Do

  • Feed the hungry and homeless
  • Provide clothing, food & hygiene products
  • Provide resources for everyday necessities
  • Partner with local organizations to help better serve the community


In April 2012, four charity organizations combined to become who we are today, Bay Point Community All-N-One Inc.
Since the merger, our volunteers have worked with thousands in need of a helping hand in life. Every year we sponsor several huge events:

Jan - The Unity in the Community work begins.

April – Bike Rodeo.

May – Memorial Day Parade.

June – Unity in the Community.

Aug – Backpack Giveaway.

Oct – Fall Fest.

Nov – Thanksgiving Day Giveaway.

Dec – Christmas Giveaway.

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Working with the Sheriff’s Department and other local organizations, we give away thousands of pounds of food and clothing and provide information, connecting the needy with vital services (food assistance, medical and mental health services, housing, legal and childcare, etc.). Without us, many may go without, not knowing how to get help.
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Our Board

Delano Johnson

Founder & President

Lovetta Tugbeh


Irving Joe

Vice President

Al Williams

Board Member

Joe Puerzer

Financial Consultant

Pastor James Manning

Board Member

Ada Franco

Board Member

Derrick O’Neal

Board Member

John Patton

Board Member
Board Members

Community Advisory Members

  • Pastor Mark Wright
  • Cheryl P. Williams
  • Teresa Anderson 
  • Dr. Carrie Frazier
  • Sister Arnetta Jones
  • Shirley Tatum
  • Annette Jackson
Bay Point Community All-N-One, Inc.
  • Address
    2544 Willow Pass Rd.
    Bay Point, CA 94565
  • Phone
    (925) 238-5983

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